all tour are in different intensity and parts of the canyon.

Tanama Adventure Route 1

Pure adventure! This route includes caving, body rafting, trekking, and cliff jumping. We will go through one of the most remote parts of the Tanama visiting the biggest cave tunnel of the river and then another 3 tunnels. In addition, we will body raft down-stream from every exit of the tunnels while visiting many caves on the side of the canyon. 6 hrs. type: moderate Read more.

Tanama Adventure Route 2

This route will take to the deepest part part of the canyon hiking troughs the dead of the cave surrounded by hundred of lime stone formations springs this is the gem of the canyon goin to caves sides of the canyon and reaching 1 tunnels and body raft the the way back good for families and adventurer with not much experience but want start some real adventures the access to this area is trough 4×4 before get to the water involves less rough hike 6hrs. Type: Regular Read more

Tanama Extreme

For those how loves altitudes this is you route after 30 min 4×4 trough the forest we will rappel 140 ft down the canyon on free fall rappel(not experience needed) the will hike thought the canyon between caves lime stone formations, body rafting and cliff jumps. 7 hrs type extreme read more

Guajataca Adventure

This kayaking adventure will take you to the second deepest canyon in the island the Guajataca River is full of live from fish turtle pelican osprey eagle and many more kayaking this canyons will get us to narrows lime stone formation that will hike and the body raft back. 6 hrs Type moderate

Camping Space

The camping space is next our headquarters side of the Guajataca lake, located in north west of the island. More than 11,000 square meters from lake view or near gazevo your choice bathroom and stone grill in the facility. 7 days week family friendly Read more

Kayak Rental

Kayaks available for rental by previous reservation Read more