All of our tours are different in intensity and take place in different parts of the canyon.

Tanama Adventure Route 1

First, you will be transported in a 4×4 vehicle through the forest as this will allow for more time in contact with water than hiking through the forest and further maximizing our time in the canyon. Our tour is offered at the heart of a subtropical forest through private access and completely away from crowds. Following old trails left by our ancestors, we will arrive at the majestic Tanama River. Huge limestone formation, caves, canyons and thousands of springs that surround the Tanama river walls will be our scenery as we hike and body raft during our excursion. During our trek, we will visit and explore the river banks, and caves while you are refreshing yourself at the Tanama River water. Body rafting, or floating down the river is one of our customer’s favorite activities during the excursion. Immersed in our tour, interpretation, and story-telling will give you a more complete experience as you take in the beauty of the canyon, the river, and all of the beauty nature has to offer. After trekking through the river, we will return floating down the river in the calm waters until we reach more natural pools. We welcome you in exploring this hidden gem and offering you a locally rich and truly unique adventure. Read more.

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Tanama Adventure Route 2

This route is in a different location of the canyon from Route 1. We will begin with a strenuous hike through a subtropical forest using a very rustic trail that will challenge you. The hike is about 1.5 to 2 hours. After the hike you will be rewarded with one of the most majestic tunnels of the Tanama. We start with a jump to the river, and our body rafting begins. Giant walls form the spectacular canyon in which you will be immersed in this adventure. A light climb will be made to get out of the canyon before heading to the trail and hiking for about an hour to two hours until we get back to your meeting point. Make sure this route suits you, as it is more time at the forest than in the river. Read more.

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Guajataca Adventure

This kayaking adventure will take you to the second deepest canyon in the island: the Guajataca River is full of life from fish turtle pelican osprey eagle and many more kayaking this canyons will get us to narrows lime stone formation that will hike and the body raft back. 6 hrs Type moderate

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Camping Space

The camping space is next our headquarters side of the Guajataca lake, located in north west of the island. More than 11,000 square meters from lake view or near gazevo your choice bathroom and stone grill in the facility. 7 days week family friendly Read more

Kayak Rental

Kayaks available for rental by reservation only