Tanama Adventure Route 1

In this adventure we will start with a hike across the forest of approximately an hour and 20 minutes. This path will give you the opportunity to listen to and witness a countless number of native and endemic birds from Puerto Rico. You will also get to see one of the greatest radio telescopes in the world, and the view will take your breath away.We will continue down the Tanama canyon, where you will have the option to jump in between two caves (or hike down the same cave). Exploration of a part of the river where a gigantic tunnel extends over 300 meters long. Then we will continue to our second tunnel, (Cueva Lagrimas), where you will let yourself float along with the soft current of the Tanama. While you float downstream, you will cross curtains of spring water that hide the entrance to caves.


   The tour continues down the canyon, taken by floating with the current in between the gigantic limestone walls of the “Karso Norteno”. In between spring water, natural pools, and caves, the trajectory continues until the 3rd tunnel, in which the river crosses a large butte while giving you a spectacular pass in between the heart of the mountain. You will have the opportunity to observe a small community of bats living here.

At this point, the trajectory will have taken approximately 4 hours in caves, spring waters, crystal-clear Tanama waters, hundreds of rock formations, and all of the beauty this hidden paradise offers. At the end, we have one last water cave between spring water, in this magical forest. We exit the water by doing a small climb, to then begin a hike of approximately 45 minutes until we return to our starting point. In this new path, you will see sink holes, and agricultural fields hugged by the forest.


It is difficult to describe this paradise of 11.5km, approximately, a route that does not repeat paths and gives you the opportunity to see Puerto Rico from a fun, educated and stress-free way.

This Route Includes:

  • Exploration of caves, canyons of the Tanama river, hiking, bodyrafting, rock climb, spring water, natural pools and interpretation
  • Approximately 6 hours of Adventure
  • Rock Climbing Helmet approved by the CE and UIAA
  • Life jacket type 3, approved by the coast guard
  • Lamp for the caves that require it
  • Photography service taken with waterproof cameras at high-quality (free)
  • Certified Tour Guides in cave rescue by the NCRC (National Cave Rescue Commission), First Aid, and the Puerto Rico Tourism Company.


Meet point 100 before Arecibo observatory Arecibo 8:00am

For more information 787 689 7712 o aventureopr@gmail.com

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